Professional & Homemade Camper Van Conversions

Displayed below is information about both professional and homemade (DIY) Ford Transit Connect camper conversions. Also shown on this page are links to other online resources concerning Ford Transit Connect Conversions along with a few videos from YouTube outlining various Transit Connect camper van concepts.


Professional Conversions

Most professional RV producers and conversion companies use base model Ford Econoline vans and now the new full size Ford Transit for pre-fabricated Campervans and Class B Motorhomes. This withstanding, there are still a handful of professional products and conversion options for the Connect owner that prefers this route. One of the best options are the modular products produced by Kevin Hornby Designs.

Kevin Hornby Designs Ford Transit Connect Conversion Van Kevin Hornby Designs
Transit Connect Modules
Kevin Hornby Designs provides a custom tailored solution for Transit Connect owners that want to convert their van to camper without fabricating the components themselves. This includes specifically designed (not mass produced) modules which includes cabinetry, seating/sleeping areas, counter tops, storage and a pressurized water systems among other amenities. Check out more at or see our Images Page for more pictures.

A popular feature sought after in camper van conversions is the pop-top option. This includes an elevated roof which can allow for head room when standing in the rear of the van or as a sleeping area. A good professional example of this can be seen by Netherlands company CampUniq at MiniCamper.NL and also in the picture below.

Ford Transit Connect Camper Pop Top

Ford Transit Connect Camper Pop Top


Homemade Camper Vans

While there are several professional options available for the Connect Camper conversion, there are an equal if not more abundant amount of homemade Class B motorhome examples. From the DIY woodworker solution to the full blown fabricated conversion, there are a plethora of available models for building a completely custom camper out of a stock Ford Transit Connect.

Homemade Ford Transit Connect Conversion One of the most basic and cost effective solutions for creating a simple Connect camper is the woodworker’s bed and shelving option (pictured to the right). You can see more specifics on this at (link below). Beyond this the options are limitless. Many choose to use an outside tent that attaches to the van and provides sleeping above the rear cargo area. This provides for more room inside the van for more storage or a more robust cooking area. Many choose to create a fold-out style bed that allows for seating as well. Other popular key features that can be easily included are as follows.

  • Stove/ grill combo
  • Fiamma side awning
  • Roof Basket
  • Rear interior lighting
  • Water & Power hookups
  • Additional Insulation
  • Roof Basket
  • Rear interior lighting
  • Carbon monoxide alarm

Online Resources

Listed below are links to more top online resources for both professional and DIY Connect Camper conversions.

Conversion Videos

Check out the videos below for some examples of how to convert a Ford Transit Connect into a full blown Class B Motorhome.